Get Food

Real Food Farm grows lots of fresh, healthy, real food and people often wonder where it all goes. Our top priority is making affordable produce available in the northeast Baltimore neighborhoods surrounding Clifton Park and in other nearby neighborhoods that lack access to fresh, healthy produce. We do this by working with community partners to bring our Mobile Farmers Market (and all of its fresh, local, seasonal produce!) to residents in the area.

Real Food Farm also operates a Community Supported Agriculture program where members can sign up to receive a a weekly box of farm-fresh produce throughout the season.

Because we aim to operate and demonstrate a financially sustainable urban farm, we practice a balanced marketing strategy that allows us take advantage of a variety of retail outlets. As a Farm Alliance member, we participate in the 32nd Street Farmers’ Market in Waverly every Saturday. We also sell to Baltimore restaurants, caterers, and other institutions. Any produce that does not make it to market is made available to our team members or donated as appropriate.

As an urban farm, we acknowledge that urban soils can contain pollutants related to the land’s former use. At Real Food Farm, we are dedicated to keeping our customers safe. We continually test for soil contamination and practice carefully managed crop rotation based on plant uptake capacity and soil exposure at all of our growing sites. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.