Contact Us

Phone: 443-531-8346 (this is our office phone – we don’t currently have a phone on the farm itself!)

Email: (or visit the Our Team page to connect with specific team members)

Like us Facebook and follow us on Instagram @realfoodfarm!

For visitors:

Our Clifton Park site (including our offices) is located at:

Historic Lake Clifton Campus
2801 St. Lo Drive
Baltimore, MD 21213

Our Perlman Place site is located at:

1950 Perlman Place
Baltimore, MD 21213

Our Aisquith Street site is located at:

1840 Aisquith Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

For those sending us snail mail:

Real Food Farm
c/o Civic Works
2445 E. 32nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21213 
(Mail sent to 2701 St. Lo Drive will be forwarded to the 32nd St. location)